Birchwood Intermediate: Illustrated the Sincerity of the Performers

Birchwood Intermediate Reference LetterTo whomever it may concern:

We were fortunate enough to have the Absolute team perform at Birchwood Intermediate on March 15, 2006. Students and staff alike are still buzzing with excitement as a result of the performance. The absolute team managed to offer very important messages on a variety of issues that are pertinent to adolescents at our school. Moreover, the messages were delivered in a very engaging manner, to which students certainly responded. The edgy rock sounds of the band and the humourous, yet sincere approach of the presenters allowed for a unique and appealing experience for the audience. The crew was very professional and efficient throughout the entire event, including set-up and tear down. I would also like to note a particular incident that illustrated the sincerity of the performers. After one presenter (Michelle, I believe) shared a personal story about her turbulent years, two of our students became very touched and upset. I attended to the students for some time as we discussed the parallels between their lives and Michelle’s story. They were very interested in meeting Michelle before she departed. Thankfully, Michelle was very willing to sit and talk with the students for approximately 15-20 minutes, during which time the students continued to open-up and share their emotions. Michelle certainly went beyond the call of duty, as she was very courteous and effective in dealing with these students. Finally, I must acknowledge that, as a school counsellor, I am often solicited to book such school presentations. In my experience, I can say that Absolute offers one of the most exciting and effective presentations available. I certainly intend to book Absolute again in the coming years. I will also share our experience of this wonderful resource with other school counsellors around Prince Edward Island.


Murray MacInnis

School Counsellor

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